Niche Dominator Software Review

I was granted early access to Cam Forbes’ Niche Dominator software which promises to help you build a high quality, self generating niche site in less than a minute and so I decided to write a review.

Being a fan of the Niche Marketing On Crack Method, I wanted to see if this would compliment that method of niche marketing.

So, In a nutshell, the Niche Dominator package automates processes that normally takes a ton of time…these two processes being:

1) Building The Site In The First Place
2) Updating the site with fresh content so Google will like you

So the strategy behind Niche dominator, which the creator calls “Stacking”
is to:

Step 1) Build An Instant Authority Site

Use the software to instantly build an authority site much like PopUrls or loud3r but targeted to your niche. These sites will pull in feeds from Yahoo news, Google news, MSN news, or your can customize it…and you will have your affiliate ads and/or AdSense listed in the correct spots according to Google’s heat map

Step 2)Build An Instant Page Mini Site

Take the keywords you have selected in your niche and build an 8 page mini niche site…1 for each keyword. I found that each site took less than 2 minutes to make.

So, for example…lets say you have 10 keywords and you were promoting a product from clickbank or Commission Junction(or even Ebay) you would make ten 8 pages niche sites and blast them to your subdomains

This would take no more than 20 minutes. The only part that takes any time in my experience was going over to CJ and grabbing the appropriate ads to use

So in this example, you would have 80 pages of content for that niche/product you were promoting in less than 20 minutes. So what Cam teaches, is to lather,
rinse, and repeat

Because the sites are pulling in feeds, they are self updating so you really don’t have to mess with them unless you want to.

Step 3) Build An Instant Review Site.

Because I like to promote products using product-centric keywords, I really like the review site. This can be used for PPC or driving traffic organically. Because I am not a fan of PPC, I prefer the latter.

Review sites historically convert very well and if you combine them with product centric keywords, a review site will convert very well regardless if you make one yourself or if you use software.

In his videos, Cam shows and example of a product review site selling vacuum cleaners from CJ and all have the affiliate link so I found it a nice tool because I just simply can’t make sites or wordpress blogs very well. I can never get them to format the way I want them to.

Step 4) Create An Instant WordPress blog

I found this tool to be really helpful because as I said earlier, I like the Niche Marketing on Crack method but am not very good at building wordpress sites.

I can do them but it takes me a lot longer than I would like. It always seems that my text is running into the sidebar or by ad on the sidebar is overlaping

So the idea is to “stack” all of these sites around a niche. For example, you are promoting the Xbox 360 and you have found a lot of keywords you want to use.

You would then go through these steps for all of your keywords and you would have quite a bit of content out there in your niche with the idea of becoming an authority in your niche.

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